Group Classes

Music Discovery Class:  for students ages 3 1/2 to 6.  This class uses songs and games to explore the basics of music theory and notation, including: identifying high/low and short/long sounds, reading and recognizing simple rhythmic patterns, and treble clef note reading.  Students are also introduced to classical music and learn to identify many instruments.

Voice Discovery Class: for beginning voice students ages 6-10.  This class introduces students to the basics of healthy singing technique in a fun group environment.

Music Theory Class: designed primarily for students who are also taking private lessons in voice or piano.

Musical Theater Workshop: for students ages 10-18.  This class prepares students to audition for and perform in musical theater productions.  Students will work on solo songs as well as ensembles.

Audition Workshop:  for more advanced singers.  This class focuses on preparing for auditions, including how to choose the right songs for an audition.  It also gives singers a chance to practice performing in front of others, and to receive constructive feedback.

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